Flexible, highly agile and multi-functional mine-protected armoured vehicle.


The Marauder is rugged and robust, with excellent cross-country agility and speed. Designed to handle up to 4,500kg payload, this vehicle offers outstanding flexibility in the choice of weapons and mission-specific equipment.
With the ability to carry extra fuel tanks, water and combat supplies, the Marauder can be deployed for long-range patrol or quick reaction force operations. Day/Night vision devices and extra sensors can also be fitted to provide 24/7 operability.
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Paramount Group - Mbombe


The Marauder is extremely flexible and can be configured as an equipped and armoured personnel carrier or - with the addition of appropriate weapon systems - an effective wheeled combat vehicle. It accommodates a crew of 2 in the front plus 8 fully equipped soldiers in the rear, and is available in a standard or stretched version, with various driveline and armour options.


The Marauder is independently proven to offer mine protection up to 8kg TNT anywhere under the hull and 14kg TNT for a blast under any wheel. Specially designed anti-blast seats prevent injury from the extreme acceleration of a side blast or mine blast under the hull. The cabin and crew compartment are also fitted with a double-skinned spaced armour hull to protect against kinetic attack. Additional armour can be added to protect against specific threats.


Described as “The World’s "Most Unstoppable Vehicle" on Top Gear, the Marauder is rugged and robust, demonstrating outstanding cross-country agility. With excellent strategic mobility, the Marauder can cross all types of terrain at impressive speed. It can be airlifted (C130 and Chinook) with little preparation.


2 + 8


4 000

KE Protection

Level 3

Blast Protection

8 kg TNT
under hull



Armoured Ambulance

Anti-armour fire Support

Command vehicle

Infantry fire Support