Paramount Aerospace offers a range of solutions including supersonic fighter aircraft like the Mirage F1 and the revolutionary Mwari, fitted with customized mission systems for various roles.
We provide Air Force establishment and overhaul solutions, as well as world-class Advanced pilot training at the Top Gun Pilot Training Academy, the only privately-owned school of its kind in Africa.


Paramount has one of the strongest aerospace offerings, encompassing world leading capabilities in mission sensors and systems, avionics, logistical and planning support, R&D, UAVs and systems integration. We specialise in integrating advanced systems that extend the mission performance and lifespan of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and unmanned airborne systems. This not only extends the operational performance of aircraft, it is also extremely cost effective as it offers an alternative to buying costly new equipment.
Paramount Advanced Technologies provides systems for aerial surveillance for any kind of aircraft. We supply a vast array of equipment and services - from intelligent sensors to fully equipped aircraft. Solutions are adapted to clients’ exact needs. Markets include military (UAV and light intervention aircraft) or civilian (oil and gas, environment protection, coastal patrol, fire-fighting and emergency services, border surveillance, specific events and disaster evaluations).
Our extensive experience and rigorous processes guarantee best performance, quality and cost effectiveness.