Revolutionary infantry fighting vehicle.

Mbombe 4

Mbombe 4 is a highly effective Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle and one of our greatest achievements.
Using the most advanced technology available, we developed the Mbombe as the first vehicle in its class with a flat-bottom, blast-protected hull; the reduced silhouette has obvious benefits on the battlefield. Outstanding protection, mobility and fire-power come standard.
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Paramount Group - Mbombe


Mbombe offers a high level of flexibility, and can be configured to specific needs, whether as an armoured personnel carrier or a highly effective armoured fighting vehicle, by mounting a heavy machine gun or automatic cannon/remote weapon station. There is ample space for the driver, commander, gunner and 8 fully-equipped infantrymen, together with tools, ammunition and equipment.


This is an exceptionally well-protected vehicle. The mine-protected, flat-bottom hull reduces the silhouette to under 2.4 meters, which delivers significant benefits in combat - reducing the target for enemy gunners and reducing the effects of side blasts/IED attacks. Mbombe provides excellent stopping power against ballistic attack (STANAG 4569 level 3 as standard) and anti-tank land mine explosions under its flat hull or under any wheel station (STANAG level 4a and 4b), as well as world-class levels of protection against kinetic attack. Anti-blast seats prevent injury to the crew from the extreme acceleration following an explosion beside or under the vehicle, and extra protection can be added to meet specific user requirements.


Mbombe 4 is equipped with independent suspension all-round and powerful drivetrain to ensure outstanding mobility characteristics over all types of terrain, even when combat laden. It has a maximum road speed of 150km/h and delivers excellent cross-country performance independent suspension.


2 + 2 + 6

Max Speed

Kilometres per hour



Blast Protection

Level 4 A & B