Revolutionary African-designed and developed fixed wing aircraft.


One of our most impressive aerospace projects is the ground-breaking Mwari advanced high-performance reconnaissance light aircraft. Developed to combine the features of a helicopter and reconnaissance plane, the Mwari offers low acquisition cost, as well as a reduced requirement for maintenance support.
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Paramount Group - Mbombe

A wide range of operations

The two-crew aircraft can carry out a wide range of operations, including peacekeeping, surveillance, policing, border/coastal patrol and anti-smuggling tasks; patrol and counter insurgency operations; disaster relief and emergency supply to remote areas; and intelligence gathering.

MWARI delivers a highly flexible mission-configurable payload system, allowing it to be transformed quickly between operational roles. It can stay in the air for more than seven hours, making it the ideal solution for patrolling large land areas, borders and oceans.

Takeoff Distance

550 m
Full payload

Max Cruise Speed


Service Ceiling

31 000

Max Mission Range

1 150
Nautical Miles