Complete air-power package.

Mirage F1

Paramount Group - acquired the South African Mirage F1 fleet, along with spares, simulators, training aids and other related material. Through the careful acquisition of key staff, Paramount Aerospace has retained the vast experience built up by the South African Air Force in Mirage F1 operation and now offers this capability to new customers.
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Paramount Group - Mbombe

ideal solution

The Mirage F1 represents an ideal solution for the introduction of Super Sonic Fighter capability to growing Air Forces Paramount offers a complete air-power package, including provision of the Mirage F1 from our fleet, with full training and technical support. We also operate a fighter aircraft pilot training Academy at Polokwane, equipped with three Impala jet trainers. Pilots with basic flying skills are instructed in combat techniques, to ensure they are ready for front-line missions.